What Are the Laws in Australia About Electric Bikes?

By Vamos Bikes February 5, 2019

What Are the Laws in Australia About Electric Bikes?

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on February 5, 2019.

What is the law? 

In Australia, the laws regarding e-bikes are constantly changing. However, generally speaking, they are becoming more relaxed. Increasingly higher wattage bikes are being allowed. NSW recently changed its laws to allow 500w e-bikes on public roads without registration or license. Similarly, governments across Australia are increasingly coming to understand the many benefits of e-bikes and we suspect will likely favor them ongoing because of this. Electric bikes help stem climate issues, ease public transport reliance, lower traffic congestion, and also help people get more active and get more exercise.

Australia to save time and effort effectively copied the exact same laws in Europe in regard to electric bikes. It is illegal to ride an electric bicycle on the road or on bike paths with a stated power output of more than a certain wattage. It is incredibly hard to monitor and you may see e-bikes on the road with up to 2000w motors.

The exact laws vary from state to state and we suggest checking what the current laws are for your state.

Generally speaking, so long as the throttle is disabled and the bike is limited to a maximum top speed of 25km/h it typically complies with most Australian road rules. All Vamos Bikes can be limited to any speed you desire. You can change this setting in a few clicks and less the 30 seconds at any time. For private property use, there are no restrictions. this means that riders have the benefit of being able to toggle between the options and settings that are most appropriate for them and their intended use(s).

Do I need a driving license or registration? 

If you’re riding an e-bike that abides by the laws described above (EN15194) you are able to ride an electric bike without a driving license. If the bike is overpowered according to the laws of your state or territory then technically it will need to be registered as it is classified as a road vehicle and you would require a driving license if you are intending to ride it on public roads.

Are there any other laws I need to be aware of?

Helmets are compulsory

A law that is enforced around Australia is that it is compulsory to wear a helmet. If caught riding without a helmet you may receive a fine. If the police officer is also having a really bad day he/she may also fine you for riding on the footpath. Shared pathways and cycleways are not classed as ‘footpaths’. In most states and territories anyone over the age of 16 can’t ride a pushbike on a footpath that is not specified as a shared pathway for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Lights are required at night

You also must have a rear and front light when riding at night. Failure to have a functioning light at night, whilst incredibly dangerous and not recommended, can also result in a fine. All Vamos Bikes come complete with integrated front and rear lights so you’re always ready to ride night or day. In most states and territories ‘night’ is classed as when the street lights are turned on.

More Information About What Are the Laws in Australia About Electric Bikes?

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What Are The Laws In Australia About Electric Bikes
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