Get Started

Get Started

If your Vamos Bike has just arrived, or you’d like to learn how something on a Vamos Bike works or is put together, you’re at the right place.

This page should answer most, if not all of your setup questions regarding a Vamos e-bike.

Follow steps 1 through to 4.

If you run into any trouble at any stage contact us. We’ll connect you with one of our friendly team members that will help you get up and riding.

1. Download the Vamos Bikes Manual

Download a PDF version of the Vamos Bikes User Manual. It explains how to set up your bike after it arrives. It will also show you all the various settings that are at your fingertips. Keep a copy on your phone, so it’s always on hand if you need it.

web version of the Vamos Bikes User Manual is also available if needed.

2. Setup Your Bike

All our bikes come delivered to you 85%+ pre-assembled. There should be no difficulties in setting up to get riding, regardless of your experience. Most is just screwing and clipping things in. No complex tools are required.

Detailed instructions on how to set up your bike are provided in the manual, found in step #1 above. If you’re more of a visual person and would like to see someone go through the entire setup process required for your bike watch the video below for your model.

Each video will take you from unboxing, through the entire setup process, and have you ready to ride in minutes. See how each e-bike will arrive straight from the Vamos factory to your doorstep.

Rapido 2021 Assembly Video

Diablo Assembly Video

Doblez Assembly Video

Hefe Assembly Video

3. Chose Your Rider Settings via the LCD Control Panel

Each e-bike comes complete with an LCD control panel, located on your handlebars. It will give you a range of settings that you can change and control at any time.

Set your bike up to your personal riding preference. Chose how you want the intelligent pedal assist to behave, battery saving options, alter your speed limit and more.

El Doblez Screen Options (Settings Manual)

El Diablo – How To Unlock Unlimited Speed

El Hefe LCD Screen Options (Settings Manual)

El Hefe – Unlock Unlimited Speed

4. Take Your E-Bike for a Spin, and Let the Community Know What You Think

Once you’ve had a good test of your e-bike, we would love it if you could leave us a review about your purchase. The best place to leave reviews for Vamos Bikes is the Vamos Bikes Google Reviews Page and Vamos Bikes Facebook Reviews Page.

User reviews like yours help spread awareness about Vamos Bikes throughout the community. This helps us to keep producing exceptional e-bikes at an affordable price, all with great ongoing customer support that you enjoy and we pride ourselves on providing.

We’re a small locally run business so all reviews help. A simple sentence or 3-5 words about the e-bike you purchased and your purchase experience are plenty – and much appreciated. If you’re able to add more, even better.

Don’t forget to let your mates know about your new ride too, and the things you’re getting up to with it! Tag @vamosbikesau in videos and pictures you post on your socials! We love to see Vamos Bikes in the community.

Thanks for your support!

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