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Rapido 2021 - City Commuter E-Bike
our lighter alloy frame, entry-level electric bicycle with half-grip throttle; perfect for your daily commute

Translating to ‘Quick’ in Spanish, this city commuter will do just that to get you around city streets, up and down hills without breaking a sweat. This model is close to our heart and throughout the years we have listened to customer feedback to perfect our 2021 model.

Who’s the Rapido for?

Rapido is an awesome entry-level electric bike! If you need to dash from place to place but don’t want to spend a heap, this is the bike for you! Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, Samsung cell battery, comfy seat, suspension seatpost + front suspension powered by a powerful Bafang motor means the Rapido hasn’t forgotten the most important elements which other entry-level e-bikes may leave behind.


Here are just some of the e-bike’s great inclusions. Take an in-depth view of each feature.

  • Front & rear light system
  • Lighter alloy frame (19kgs)
  • Suspension seat post with comfy Justek saddle
  • Rear hub 250w Bafang motor
  • Samsung  battery (36v 13ah or 36v 10.4ah option)
  • Half grip throttle
  • Front and rear Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Leather handlebar grips
  • SR SUNTOUR Front suspension forks
  • SHIMANO 7 gear set
  • 850 LCD display
  • KENDA puncture-free tyres
(based on 22 customer reviews)


Shipping Info & Rates

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Expected business days to receive your purchase are given below.:

  • NSW/ACT/QLD 1-2 Days.
  • VIC/NT/SA/TAS 2-3 Days.
  • WA 4-5 Days.

Local pickup from our warehouse in Mascot Sydney NSW is free and available by request. Contact us to learn more.

Features of the Rapido 2021 – City Commuter E-Bike

Samsung Battery
Recharge at any household outlet. 1-YR Warranty.

36v/13ah will last you 60-70km with a 4-5 hour charge time. The Samsung cell battery guarantees longevity backed by a 1-year warranty. Slides in-and-out for ease of charging. Lockable (with a key) to help keep it secure.

Battery Rapido

Light Alloy Frame
Less weight to extend your battery range

26-inch alloy frame (weighing just 19kg without battery!). Chose from blue, red or black. All come in the step-through design so you can hop on and off with ease.

Mudguards sit above each wheel helping prevent splashback and keeping you dry in the wet.

The frame is thoughtfully designed to include a mountable rear-wheel bracket you can tie down cargo on (or passengers?).

Red Frame

Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Front & Rear)
Better Stopping Power & Less Maintenance

Know you can stop suddenly if required with Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disc breaks fitted to both the front and rear wheels. With more stopping power than mechanical brakes, less force is required to apply the lever and receive the same stopping power.

However, perhaps the most important advantage of hydraulic brakes comes with maintenance. We’ve designed this e-bike to be as low maintenance for you as possible. Ready to ride at all times. Hydraulic disc brakes will automatically self-adjust as they wear down, unlike mechanical ones that require constant, complicated and fiddly adjustment to keep you riding safer for longer. For a daily commuter e-bike, hydraulic brakes are a huge benefit over mechanical brakes.


Front And Rear Breaks

Front Suspension Forks

To keep you riding in comfort for longer and over more diverse terrain El Rapido 2021 come’s complete with SR SUNTOUR front forks.


Dsc09205 Edit (1)

Bafang Rear Hub Motor
Quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power

Rear hub motor design results in better traction and stronger frame mounting. It also helps you to maintain balance when steering at higher speeds.

Befang has been at the forefront of e-mobility design for almost 20 years. Backed by a 1-year warranty, you know this motor will last.

These motors are small, lightweight and discreet; located within the centre of the rear wheel.

Simply pedalling the bike will activate the motor, spurring you onwards.

Intergrated Lights (Front & Rear)
Ready to ride, day or night

Adjustable front and rear lights are integrated into the Rapido. Come nightfall you’re ready to ride safely at the flick of a switch. Plus additional reflectors for added visibility when lights are shining on you.  No need to spend more on extras like after-market lighting (though we’re not against it if you want to keep really safe!).

Front Lights:

Front Lights

Rear Lights & Reflectors:

Rear Lights

Suspension Seat Post

Ride in comfort with a fully adjustable suspension seat post. This bike is one-size. Fully adjustable to suit your height and personal preference.  Just select your colour and go.

Suspension Seat

Justek Seat

A well-cushioned saddle to keep you riding longer, in comfort.

Seat Rapido

Half Grip Throttle
Reach speeds without pedalling

Half grip throttle to control your speed when using the motor.

Half grip throttles are like the little brother of full twist throttles. They operate the exact same way as a full twist throttle except that they don’t reach all the way to the end of the handlebar. They reach about half way.


Leather Grips

Leather grips that feel good in the hand and look great too.


Adjustable Handle Positon

Adjust the angle of the handlebars to suit your height and riding preference.

Handles Adjust


SHIMANO 7 gear set. One of the leading gear set manufacturers.

Shimano Gears

850 LCD display

El Rapido 2021 now comes complete with easy-to-use LCD control screen. Visible day or night, this control panel gives you full control of all the bike’s settings at all times.

Lcd Display Ebikes Sydney

KENDA puncture free tyres

Wheel Rapido

Chain Guard

Keep mud and water off your legs. Also helps to protect your laces and clothing from being caught up in the chain.

Chain Gaurd

El Rapido Assembly - from unboxing to riding in minutes!

Take a look at the Rapido 2021 with Lola. See how this great daily commuter e-bike will arrive straight from the Vamos factory to your doorstep. Lola will take you from unboxing, through the entire setup process, and have you ready to ride in minutes.

Primary Specs of El Rapido

Here are just some of this e-bike’s great user-valued inclusions. Get an understanding of why this model is so loved by the community.

22 reviews for Rapido 2021 – City Commuter E-Bike

  1. Arnold

    Fun bike to ride. Delivery and service has been first rate.

  2. JP

    My 2019 El Rapido is still going as new! Best value electric bike on the market. I would just suggest to swap the grip throttle (which I never use) for a grip bell, because the bell is a bit hard to reach.

    A great good-vibe local company overall that’s a pleasure to support!

  3. Mohammad Abdur Rahman Khan

    Such a great cycle I ever purchase. Worth value of money. Highly recommend ✋✋

  4. Matilda Longfield

    Great service, great blokes, great bike!

  5. Amy

    11 out of 10 bikes!! Michael and Conrad were so helpful with what bike to choose. Love my Rapido! First and last electric bike .

  6. Allan L

    I bought my second bike from the friendly and helpful guys at Vamos today. I must say the bikes have improved a lot in every way since I bought my last one 2 years ago. The prices and value for money are excellent. I highly recommend Vamos.

  7. Linda Lombard

    Got my Rapido 3-yrs ago, as due to ill health not able to walk very far – my bike has been amazing! The service from Vamos bikes has been incredible. Recently I was having problems with my electrics on bike and they lent me another bike to ride until mine fixed. I highly recommend Vamos for superb service, great bikes – just buy one!!!

  8. Erik Graff

    Great bike. Very happy.

  9. LR Dayman

    Amazing bike and great customer service. I’ve already been recommending to my mates. Thanks Vamos!

  10. Raga Sai


  11. Enrique

    Of all the e bikes I’ve had, this is the best and it has a wonderful technical service where they care about customer satisfaction, honestly they exceeded my expectations.

  12. Peta

    The only way to travel particularly in a hilly place like Sydney. To work and back for me is fantastic and no need for traffic jams, and buses and trains. I wish I got one sooner!

  13. Lyss Anne

    I hired one out the other day and it was awesome! The guys at Vamos are lovely and even gave me advice on where to ride to!

  14. Petra

    Perfect bike for my commuting to work from Bondi Junction to Surry Hills. I zoom up the hill back home now instead of getting off my push bike and walking! The electric bike is easy to use and fun, and I still feel like I’m getting some exercise.

  15. TK

    Probably the best experience I have had in regards to customer service. The bike itself feels super reliable, sturdy and well made. Would recommend

  16. Emily Hendley

    Great customer service – delivered charged to my work so I could cycle home. Absolutely love my bike! Now takes me 15 minutes to commute instead of 30!!

  17. Lotti Wilkinson

    Love riding my bike to work across the harbour bridge. So quick and easy compared to being on a packed bus. Would recommend a Vamos bike to anyone. Make the change from public transport to Vamos Bikes 😀

  18. 顾一斌

    Thank you!

  19. Rachel Hudson

    I love my rapido for zipping around the city. Perfect for getting around hilly Sydney and it flies along the flats. So much fun!

  20. Frazer Green

    Honestly the best thing to hit AUS. Great work VAMOS!

  21. Susie Dene

    Excellent service. Having a couple of trial rides helped work out which bike to pick.

  22. AM

    Makes getting to work so quick and easy. Can get up those hills without breaking a sweat!

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