Do Electric Bikes Benefit the Environment?

By Vamos Bikes February 5, 2019

Do Electric Bikes Benefit the Environment?

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on February 5, 2019.

A very common question we get asked is do electric bikes benefit the environment? It seems now that we are all becoming aware that we have to take more care for the  world we live in and doing this we have to find better lifestyle alternatives. Can an electric bike be one of these alternatives that actually benefit the world and reduce our carbon footprint? 

It can be argued that ebikes use electricity to charge its battery but this electricity is powered by coal thus making it not so appealing. Our batteries at Vamos bikes uses $0.12 to fully charge a battery so though this may have been charged by coal powered electricity the amount used is so minor it is next to nothing. 

Secondly, what kind of an environmental footprint is left from a no longer functioning electric bike battery? Is this just as bad as the plastic that is also rotting our earth? A report made in China regarding lead acid type batteries found that even with recycling, each lead acid battery produced emitted about 420 milligrams of harmful lead. In stating this, Vamos ebikes use Samsung li-lon batteries which do not emit lead. We are yet to have an issue with any of our batteries so far and are happy to help you find the right places to recycle them if you need our help. 

Furthermore a study by the European Cyclist Federation came to the conclusion that the overall carbon footprint of ebikes is nearly identical to traditional bikes as a cyclists produces 21g of C02 per kilometer traveled whereas ebike users produce about 22g of C02 per kilometer (compared with 101g by bus and 271g by passenger car.)  “One reason the numbers between ebikes and traditional bikes is so close that an ebike user expends less energy while riding than a traditional bike rider, and so they will theoretically be consuming fewer carbs, which reduces their carbon footprint.” 

So it seems obvious that ebikes are no doubt beneficial to caring for the world!  

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Do Electric Bikes Benefit The Environment
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