What cargo can I carry on an e-bike?

What weight and cargo can I carry on an e-bike?

There are no weight or carry restrictions on our bikes. However, in general, the lighter the passenger/cargo the faster the bike will go, the more acceleration you will have, and the longer the battery will last. This is a consideration if you’re looking to carry cargo ongoing.

For those looking to carry passengers or cargo, an e-bike with higher wattage, higher torque, and a larger battery is always a great option. Amigo is a great option if you’re looking to carry passengers and/or a lot of gear.

Apart from the included carry options fitted to each bike, each bike can be fitted with additional after-market carry systems if desired.

Common additions are pannier bags (side saddle bags that hang off the sides of the rear carry rack), or a front basket. You can even fit out with a center-mounted child seat or attached a rear child carrier (towed carrier) to zip around the kids! Rear carry trailers that you can tow behind you also exist.

How you set up is only limited by your imagination.

All Vamos E-bikes should fit most universal attachments.

If there’s a particular attachment you’ve got your eye on please send us a link to the attachment and we can have someone from the team confirm the compatibility for you 🙌

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