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Baba Tree Bicycle Baskets - Ethical Wicker Bike Basket (for all our e-bikes + most others!)
hand made, handlebar-mounted, woven bolga baskets; portable front carry option that helps support Ghanaians in Africa

Beautiful artisan bicycle baskets made from sustainably sourced materials. Each bike basket is hand-woven in Bolgatanga, Ghana (Africa) by members of Baba Tree using their time-honoured weaving technique, elephant grass and a “rhythm and flow”. Each basket purchased directly supports these traditional makers, their culture and families.

Universal front-handlebar fit via the simple and easy-to-use 2 leather strap system ensures they are compatible with almost any bike. They make the perfect addition to all our e-bikes and most others.

Whilst all baskets are energetic, colourful and purposeful – each is unique in colour, size and pattern. Select the one you like most based on what is currently available. They are strictly limited to one of each.

Why this Basket for Your E-Bike?

Apart from looking great, being sustainably made and helping you carry more on your ride – they help support those less fortunate.

More than 1/10 Ghanaians live off less than $2.60 a day. Purchasing a basket allows you to help lift more people out of these conditions. Weavers are paid a very good base wage. They receive a further commission for each basket sold. Your purchase has meaningful impact.

At Vamos, we strive to meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact and encourage you to do what you can too.

How do these Removable Baskets Work?

2 Leather straps with buckles attach them securely to your handlebars. Each strap goes through the corresponding opening on the basket and around the handlebar it sits in front of. Pull tight and you’re ready to ride.

You can remove and attach the basket to your handlebars in just a few seconds. They’re incredibly user friendly and portable. Take yours with you inside the store when you ride to do your shopping. Use it to carry your gear when you ride down to the beach. Leave your bike locked up, detach your basket, carry it and its contents with you.

These baskets feature a stiff reinforced top rim to help support them. They are comparable to a sturdy wicker basket in construction. They hold their shape and can stand on their base.

To maintain the longevity of your basket we recommend limiting excessive sunlight and water exposure. Store it undercover.

They come in small (12″W x  9″H) medium (12.5″W x  9″H) and large (13.5″W x  9.5″H) sizes.

Ensure You Get the One-Off Design You Want

Each basket has a code in the bottom right corner of its image. Select the options that match this code to purchase it.

For example, the code L31: ‘L’ = Large; ’31’ = The pattern identefier.

Greyed out items have already sold.


Shipping Info & Rates

Please add your item(s) to cart, proceed to checkout then enter your delivery address to reveal shipping costs. Shipping is automatically calculated based on your delivery address and the total items in your cart.

Delivery Time:

  • NSW/ACT/QLD 1-2 Days.
  • VIC/NT/SA/TAS 2-3 Days.
  • WA 4-5 Days.

Expected business days to receive your purchase.

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Story of the Baba Tree Bicycle Basket – Unique & Ethical One-Off Wicker Bike Baskets

Sometimes pictures tell more than words can express. Scroll through this short gallery to see some of the people who your purchase can have direct impact on.

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Features of the Baba Tree Bicycle Basket – Unique & Ethical One-Off Wicker Bike Baskets

Easily secures to the front handlebars

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Baba Tree Bicycle Basket - Unique & Ethical One-Off Wicker Bike Baskets Baba Tree Bicycle Basket - Unique & Ethical One-Off Wicker Bike Baskets
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