Hear What Verified Customers Think About Their Vamos E-Bike Purchases

I love this thing (El Hefe). It’s a Stallion! With plenty of power, I can get plenty of distance out of a charge. I’ve done 400KM+ so far and lovin’ it. The Vamos team are super friendly and excellent to deal with. If you’re thinking about getting an e-bike, I highly recommend getting yourself a Vamos Bike. I was 155KGs when I brought it and it handles me and my partner no worries.

Squarli – Agnes Waters, Queensland

Vamos Bikes are amazing bang for buck. I was super impressed when my El Hefe arrived. I only viewed this bike online prior to purchasing it. It exceeded my expectations for what I was expecting to receive. It’s sturdy, well made, and includes a lot of the nice little things that can go unnoticed. It was really easy to set up. I’ve never put a bike together before and for my first experience, it was really good. It’s really comfy. It has plenty of power and I can easily tow my kids in a rear carrier. Highly recommend Vamos Bikes! Because I was so impressed with my El Hefe I went on to purchase a Doblez too

Chris – Perth, Western Australia

I love my Vamos! So much comfier and fewer hassles than others I’ve had before. The hydraulic breaks and comfy seat make all the difference for me. I’ve had it for a while now without issue. Highly recommend.

Amy – Woolarah, Sydney NSW

The functionality of this e-bike is amazing. I was looking for something I could get as a straight swap for my car for getting around town to beat the traffic of the beaches and city. I went with El Diablo because of its price, performance, long battery life, and larger engine – it had the best specs/price for what I was looking for. I’m glad I took the plunge and got it. I’m loving it. It’s been a real game-changer for me. Cheers Vamos!

Eddy – Bondi Beach / Waverley Lifeguard

This is an EPIC e-bike for its price. It gets me and my large frame up some gnarly hills with ease, even with a kid on the back and surfboard in toe. It’s got a really nice smooth ride and is super fun. Really recommend checking it out.

Craige – Manly, Northern Beaches Sydney

After 8 weeks and 140+kms of riding this foldable e-bike with fat tyres, I can tell you El Doblez it’s pretty sick. The fat tyres allow it to handle any terrain. I’ve taken it on sand, grass, gravel, dirt tracks and everything in between. I also use it for just cruising around town. It’s handled really well in all conditions. It folds up and fits easily in my car. The motor makes getting up hills an absolute dream. I love it.

Mitch – Bondi Beach, Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Highly recommend these (El Rapido). I’ve been riding mine for years now! It’s a great way to get around and they’re really hassle-free, low maintenance, and great fun to ride.

Alissa – Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

Doblez is my go-to for short trips. It’s such a joy to ride. It has plenty of torque and is amazing at getting up steep hills. It doesn’t have as much top line speed as my El Hefe, but that’s not what its designed for. Doblez is designed to be compact. It’s tiny! It can easily fit in the boot of my car which is one of the main reasons I got it.

I’ve added a rear rack and some pannier bags which fit great and make it even more useful.

The service and communication with Vamos have been great. I’m interstate (Perth) from their Sydney HQ but they are always so quick to respond on all platforms and have been super helpful.

Also, I chose this over many others because the parts are quite well known which means they are easily replaced and sourced. Can’t stand “integrated” batteries that you can only get from the manufacturer..

All in all, I LOVE it.

I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a compact and portable e-bike that you chuck in the car or if you’re after a more relaxed ride.

Chris – Perth WA

What I received was even better than what I was expecting. It was super easy to put together and feels really good quality.

Annie – Western Sydney NSW

Really comfy, super practical, reliable e-bike. If you live or travel within in a high traffic dense area do yourself a favour and check these out because they will change your life! They have everything you need to get riding and get all the sick benefits of owning an e-bike. The Vamos team’s really great and reliable too. It gave me confidence knowing they were there if needed.

Claudia – Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

I love my Rapido. It gets me to the shops or down to the beach. It’s super comfy and gets me up the hills easy!

Lola – Paddington, Sydney NSW

I find my El Diablo great. I’ve had it for 7+ months and chalked up over 1000Ks, trouble-free without an issue. Even for an old fella like myself, it does me very well.

S.W – Brisbane, Queensland

I’ve had this bike for 2 weeks and am super stoked on it. It’s an absolutely amazing electric bike. Super comfy seat, seat suspension, battery’s great and lasts forever. It was really easy to put together. The ride feel is really great – it impresses me every time I ride it. Highly recommend grabbing one!

C.L. – Melbourne, Victoria

I reckon these are the best things ever. It gets up hills super easy. The fat tyres give you a smooth ride. Great battery life. Comes with everything you need to get riding. Super comfy seat cushion too. I highly recommend checking these out.

S.T. – Marrickville, Sydney NSW

I just love this electric bike (El Rapido) and the extra support it gives me to keep up with my mates when riding. The extra help from the motor when going up hills is just wonderful. in general, I feel a little bit safer knowing I have that extra acceleration to rely on if needed to get me out of trouble.

A.V. – Melbourne Victoria

I’m loving my Vamos Bike (El Diablo). I’ve had it for 6+ months now. It’s a really quality bike and well put together. The battery lasts for ages. The suspension’s really good. It has everything I need. In short, it’s been fantastic and I highly recommend getting one.

P.F. – Bronte, Eastern Suburbs Sydney

After having my Rapido for ages I feel I can give an honest review. It’s super comfy. I love getting around on it – it’s halved my daily commute. I looked for ages online and in-stores for something I could use as a daily commuter. I kept coming back to the Rapido because it looked great, had hydraulic breaks, and was cheaper than others of similar specs. I’m glad really glad I ended up purchasing El Rapido, highly recommend it.

Matilda – Paddington, Sydney NSW

It’s so fast and so fun! I love my Vamos Diablo.

Kai – Bondi, Eastern Suburbs Sydney NSW

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