New 500W Laws in NSW
2023 Update to Current E-Bike Road Rules We Expect Other States in Australia to Soon Follow

By Vamos Bikes January 18, 2024

New 500W Laws in NSW
2023 Update to Current E-Bike Road Rules We Expect Other States in Australia to Soon Follow

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on January 18, 2024.

As of 2023, New South Wales (NSW) has taken a great step forward in the e-bike world by increasing the legal continuous power limit allowed for electric bicycles from 250W to 500W.

How might this effect you and what does this actually mean?

Let’s dive in and find out.

What is the Impact of the 500W Power Law Surrounding E-Bikes in NSW Australia?

NSW’s 500W move is a departure from the European Union (EN15194) Standard it previously had which limited e-bike power to 250W.

First established in 2017, it’s fair to say EN15194 is outdated.

In the opinion of many, it’s become a hinderance to e-bike progression and adoption and has failed to anticipate and cater for the rapid pace of e-bike development and use we see today.

We commend NSW as it now sets itself apart as the first Australian state to increase allowed e-bike power to 500W.

Hopefully this sets a precedent for other Australian states to follow and the limits continue to rise.


Higher Powered Electric Bikes Will Allow More People to Get Up and Riding

NSW’s new law will benefit more people who want to enjoy the many benefits of using an e-bike in their everyday life.

Increased power on electric bikes enhances their effectiveness. It allows for unique and innovative bike designs.

More power accommodates for greater cargo carry and larger riders.

Greater Watts allows for more assistance up hills, particularly relevant for those that live in hilly areas like Sydney.

Expect greater range on a single charge with an electric bike with a larger motor.

Overall, higher powered electric bikes are much more useful to many more people.

Ultimately, it will get more people up and riding.

Power Output Laws Are Expected to Continue to Increase as Legislators Catch up to this Fast-Growing Industry

In the USA a maximum of 750W is allowed. In some more progressive countries this limit is much more or non-existent.

As Australian state legislators catch up to this fast-growing industry, we expect power restrictions to continue to increase.

Monitoring the wattage of electric bikes poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies. Determining the precise wattage of an e-bike is not straightforward without conducting specific tests, a practice that is currently not common in Australia.

When a bike is locked to 25km a biger 500w heavier bike is going to take off the same if not slower than a light 250w bike with a motor.

Making the laws tricky to monitor to say the least.

Did you Know it’s Legal to Ride with Multiple People on One Bike if it is Designed to Carry a Passenger?

Nsw 500w Motor Ebikes Legal

In addition to the increased power limit, it’s now legally permissible to ride with a passenger if the e-bike if it is designed for such use.

How does this relate to motor size?

The weight of two people riding on the same bike benefits from a larger motor because it’s all about the power to weight ratio.

More weight (e.g. multiple riders) requires a larger motor for the bike for it to be ‘functional’. All things equal, a higher-powered electric bike for larger or multiple people is comparable in performance to an e-bike with a smaller motor with one or a smaller rider.

This is true for speed, acceleration, assistance up hills, battery range, and more.

Looking to ride with a mate? Perhaps the Amigo all purpose compact cargo e-bike could be for you.

It’s clear that there is growing demand for more powerful e-bikes throughout the world. More power to the motor makes more electric bikes practical and useful to more people and purposes.

At Vamos, our goal is to encourage people to leave the car at home and get more active.

Electric bikes should be versatile enough to carry items like groceries, additional passengers, and be fun too.

These types of e-bikes require a more powerful motor to be effective.

It’s more than just performance though.

More Powerful Electric Bikes are Suitable for More People

Conrad, the co-founder of Vamos Bikes, had this to say about the new legislation:

I firmly believe that NSW’s 500w e-bike legislation marks a major advancement for e-bikes in Australia. It’s a multifaceted win. It’ll result in more people being able to switch from cars to e-bikes. The environment will benefit. The rider will save money while boosting their physical fitness. This law is a catalyst for a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle for many more people in NSW.

How Can You Benefit for this Power Legislation about Maximum Wattage?

If you’re interested in learning more about 500W e-bikes and what they can do, you may be interested in the Papa Grande Pro – Three-Wheel E-Trike or the Amigo – All Purpose Compact Cargo E-Bike.

These models exemplify what the 500W law may mean for many.

A 3-Wheel Electric Trike, Incredibly Functional with its 500W Motor

The Papa Grade Pro (shown below) has found diverse uses.

Farmers are replacing their quad bikes. Pet owners who enjoy taking their dogs along. And individuals who prefer a trike over traditional mobility scooters.

Being heavier in its construction and offering a heap of carry capacity with its rear basket and front rack, a mere 250W engine often falls short.

What Are The Laws About Ebikes In Nsw Australia

The Amigo All Purpose Compact Cargo Bike

Amigo, is an all-purpose compact cargo bike that can do it all.

It’s earned the affectionate moniker “your friend with benefits”. With its versatile design, it includes a detachable seat for an additional rider and a flexible basket that can be mounted either at the front or back of the bike.

Amigo is designed to comfortably take over 160kgs.

Like the Papa Grande Pro, with 500W of motor assistance helping spur you along your journey, Amigo performs well even when fully loaded. On 250W you would struggle to keep moving.

Laws About Ebikes Aus

500W Law in NSW Sparks Potential for Sustainable Travel in Australia

NSW’s updated e-bike law is sparking hope for similar reforms in other Australian states.

These changes could lead to more sustainable travel, cost savings amid rising cost of living pressures, and encourage more people to get more active.

Hed over to the Vamos Bikes shop if you’d like to learn more about 500W electric bikes available. They’re also available from many Vamos Bikes retailers around Australia.

More Information About New 500W Laws in NSW 2023 Update to Current E-Bike Road Rules We Expect Other States in Australia to Soon Follow

For more information about New 500W Laws in NSW 2023 Update to Current E-Bike Road Rules We Expect Other States in Australia to Soon Follow, or any other e-bike related questions you might have please get in touch.

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