How long does the battery last in life and per charge?

How long does the battery last in life and per charge

You should find the expected KM range per full charge for each bike and battery option on our website, listed on each product page. Your actual range will vary depending on how heavy the rider/cargo is, your power setting, and throttle use. The heavier the rider/cargo, the higher your power settings, and the more you use the throttle, the faster you will drain the battery.

For those looking to go further on a single charge, looking to carry more, or after more top-line performance, the larger battery options are always a great choice. Most people just charge their bike battery when they’re home after a full day of riding. The battery can easily detach from the bike so it’s easy to take with you and charge at your destination or with you overnight. The charger is similar in size/weight to a laptop charger so is also incredibly portable for those that need it to be. Some people chose to get an additional charger to leave somewhere where they regularly commute (e.g. their place of work), although this is not essential.

Each Vamos Bike has a battery-life indicator on the controller/screen located on the handlebars. This will fluctuate as you ride (go up and down) as it shows you your expected range if you continue to travel at the current conditions in which you’re currently riding. For example, if you’re using a lot of power when going up a steep hill it will drop quickly. Once you are past the hill the battery-life indicator will go back up. When you are stationary the battery indicator will give you a true reading. You can check the battery life without having to turn on the bike too. If you press the power button on the battery it will also show you the charge left in the battery.

We only use leading battery providers including Samsung, Panasonic, and LG batteries purpose-made for electric bikes. Industry-leading, they are made to see a lot of use and are incredibly reliable. Nevertheless, like all batteries, they do have a finite lifespan. It’s probably only after 3-5 years or more of regular daily use that you will start to see a noticeable decline in battery life. For example, after about 500 full-charges expect about a 10-15% capacity decline.

New batteries are available if needed and can be easily replaced unlike those that are in-built into the bike. All batteries on our bikes can detach from the bike in seconds.

All batteries on our bikes come with a one-year warranty.

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