What to Look for When Buying an E-Bike
types of e-bikes, parts, electric bicycles explained; find the type that's right for you

By Vamos Bikes September 30, 2022

What to Look for When Buying an E-Bike
types of e-bikes, parts, electric bicycles explained; find the type that's right for you

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on September 30, 2022.

The Basics of the E-bike and what to look for

Buying anything in the 21st century can seem a little daunting and e-bikes are no different. This article breaks down the key features of a modern e-bike, how it differs from regular bicycles and what you can expect from your Vamos bike. 

Appearance and Mechanics 

As you can see, electric bikes are basically conventional bicycles with integrated electric driving systems. Unlike a normal bike, your e-bike will come equipped with a battery, LED control screen and a motor that seamlessly adds drive when you pedal. 

Maintenance and Repairs 

E-bikes come with the same standard components as most bikes – things like brake pads, chains and tyres. Most repairs are simple and can be handled at home using a YouTube tutorial. 

Because of the additional power and weight, many e-bikes run through smaller parts like brake pads. That’s why we opted for Shimano disk and hydraulic brakes for our more powerful models. 

Issues related to the motor or electrical components should be referred to the company that made your bike. At Vamos, our bikes come with a one-year warranty and always have plenty of spare parts for any customers in need. 

Riding Experience 

Riding an e-bike is remarkably similar to a regular bicycle. The motor used to power our bikes emits virtually no noise, kicking in seamlessly as you pedal. The electric pedal assist allows cyclists to keep pace with traffic, take the bite out of steep inclines or make long commutes less physically taxing. 

What type of Electric Bike is right for me? 

At Vamos, we have a range of bikes to meet every need and budget. In our experience, it really comes down to lifestyle – let’s take a look at which bike could be the best fit for you. 


Designed with casual to everyday riders in mind, this affordable and reliable e-bike will get you around streets, along the beach, up and down hills without breaking a sweat.

6 El Rapidor Step Through Frame Electronic Bikes Adelaide South Australia


Our performance model. Fitted with hydraulic suspensions, disk brakes and a powerful 500-watt motor the Diablo can handle off-road terrain or exceed 40-kph on your local main road. 

Diablo Feature


Able to collapse to near handbag size, this bike is a pocket rocket. An amazing travel companion, and for those limited in space, it fits into small spaces. 

Doblez S


This e-bike is the closest you will get to an electric Harley. Catch the eye of everyone you cruise past.

Hefe Frame

Papa Grande 

Low step-through frame makes it super easy to get on and get off. Three wheels make it sturdy. The Promax Suspension saddle seat post and large seat make it an absolute joy to ride. 

Papa Grande Port Macquarie

Parts & Components – What Goes into a Vamos Bike?

A meal is only as good as the ingredients that go into it and electric bikes are no different. At Vamos, we pride ourselves on using quality parts from industry leading producers. Let’s run through the components that make up a Vamos Bike. 


Vamos Bikes include motors produce from 200 to 500 watts of power and legally reaching speeds of 25 km/ph alone. Customers can unlock higher speeds in ‘off-road settings’. 

Vamos motors feature brushless hub technology, allowing seamless, whisper-quite power from the pedal assisted motor. Obviously, all our bikes and motors meet Australian legal standards – covered in our post about electric bike laws in Australia. 


Brakes are an essential safety component, particularly with e-bikes. Due to the increased weight and power of electric bikes, cheaper brands will wear down quickly, making the bike unsafe and unpleasant to ride. 

That’s why all our bikes are fitted with Shimano Disk Brakes – or in the case of the Diablo and Rapido Models – hydraulic disk brakes for extra stopping power. 


Vamos uses Samsung and LG Lithium-Ion based batteries in all our bikes. In our experience, choosing a reputable brand to power our bikes is essential to battery longevity and performance. 

All batteries are removable and typically have a range of 50 kilometres or more, depending on the level of assistance, terrain and how much you pedal. All batteries come with a lock, making them easy to take inside with you for a charge and keep secure.  

Gears + LED Screen 

Our bikes are fitted with seven gears and ten power settings dictating how much speed the motor produces. Low gear and mild pedal assistance are perfect for uneven or sloping terrain, while higher gears and power settings favour cruising on the open road. Alternatively, riders can opt for no pedal assistance and work on their cardio! You can control the power output from your fitted LED control screen.

More Information About What to Look for When Buying an E-Bike types of e-bikes, parts, electric bicycles explained; find the type that's right for you

For more information about What to Look for When Buying an E-Bike types of e-bikes, parts, electric bicycles explained; find the type that's right for you, or any other e-bike related questions you might have please get in touch.

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