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El Diablo - High Performance E-Bike
our high-powered high-torque motor electric bicycle design

This high-torque high-powered e-bike is our best selling high-performance model. A light aluminium frame, powerful Bafang motor & front suspension makes this bike absolutely fly over any terrain and incline. Reach speeds up to 40kmph on flat terrain with just the throttle (without pedalling!).

Who’s it for?

Diablo’s will replace your daily-computer motorbike, motor-scooter, or even your car. No rego, no fuel, no hefty service fees, hassle-free parking, plenty of speed. No licence required. For getting around the suburbs or in-and-out of the city it just makes sense. You will jump at the next chance to go grab some milk! They’re zippy and extremely fun to ride. They power up the steepest hills with ease.


Our most popular design includes everything you need in an e-bike that’s going to see a lot of use. Take a look through just some of the Diablo’s great inclusions. Learn more about each feature listed, including detailed close-up imagery.

  • Alloy Frame
  • Lightweight (total bike weight come’s in at 26 kgs incl battery and tires, an impressive feat considering what’s included)
  • High powered, high torque brushless Bafang rear hub motor (speeds up to 40kmph with throttle)
  • 48v/10.4AH or 48V/14AH Lithium Ion Samsung Cell Battery options
  • Intelligent Brushless Controller
  • AC100-240V Smart Charger (4-6 Hour Charge Time)
  • Leather Grips
  • Half Grip Throttle
  • Front & Rear Integrated Lights
  • Alloy Rear Carrier/Rack
  • Front/Rear Alloy Mudguards
  • Front Suntour Alloy Suspension Fork
  • 27.5′ KENDA Tyres
  • Front 3 Speed, Rear 7 Speed Shimano Derailleur
  • KMC Chain
  • Zoom Handlebar, Seat Post & Stem
  • PAS 1:1 Intelligent Pedal Assist
  • W108 LCD Panel
  • Speed up to 40Km
  • Adjustable speed settings (down to 25kmph)
  • Front and rear Tektro HD-E350 hydraulic disk brakes
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    Features of the El Diablo – High Performance E-Bike

    Lightweight Alloy Frame

    This incredibly light frame in combination with the large 26′ tires and powerful high-torque motor makes this bike QUICK.

    Frame Dia

    High-Powered Brushless Bafang Rear Hub Motor

    Reach speeds up to 40kmph with just the throttle (without pedalling!). Adjustable speed settings (down to 25kmph).

    A high-powered motor offers plenty of grunt to get you up the steepest of hills. No more getting off your bike to walk!


    1:1 Intelligent Pedal Assist System (PAS)

    Intelligent Pedal Assist System (PAS) comes fully-integrated and setup. The faster you pedal, the more the electronic motor will speed-up to assist you.

    This makes longer trips or your regular commute truly effortless. Get to where you are going without breaking a sweat. Modulate your speed without the use of the throttle.

    Samsung Battery

    The Samsung 48v/10AH-14AH lithium-Ion battery is a powerful, functional and reliable battery. Samsung guarantees the longevity of this battery, including a 1-year warranty. This battery will last many, many charges.

    With the AC100-240V smart charger included you can fully charge the battery in 4-6 hours. Simply unclip the battery from the bike and plug it into a standard power supply with the adapter provided (like you would charge anything else!). Clip your battery back into the bike when you’re ready to ride.

    The battery sits comfortably in the middle of the frame, a great position that maintains the overall balance of the bike when cornering. It’s key-lockable for added security (2 keys included).


    Dsc00516 Edit

    Intelligent Brushless Controller


    Leather Grips

    Leather handlebar grips add to your riding comfort, feeling nice in the hand.  They’re durable and look great too. No more daggy plastic grips that perish too quick.


    Half Grip Throttle

    A half grip throttle to controls your speed when using the motor. The half grip throttle only requires a half twist around the handlebar to reach full output. This makes the Diablo super user-friendly and easy to control for all riders regardless of our experience.

    The Diablo has a similar feel to the throttle you’d use and feel on a motorbike or motor-scooter. Its high-powered high-torque motor provides plenty of speed without the need to pedal (40km/hr on flat terrain). For even more power just start pedalling.

    Diablo’s can replace your your daily-computer motorbike, motor-scooter, or even your car. No rego, no fuel, no hefty service fees, hassle-free parking. For getting around the suburbs or in-and-out of the city it just makes sense.

    Front & Rear Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic Disk Breaks

    With the high-powered high-torque motor, you want to know that you’re going to be able to stop suddenly if required. The Diablo can do just that with its TEKTRO HD-E350 hydraulic disc brakes that come fully fitted. Controlled at the handlebars with a 3 finger blade squeeze, levers made of cast aluminium with reach adjustment control the brakes.

    The brake calliper consists of a forged aluminium body with metal-ceramic compound pads. They can be easy to replace if needed after heavy use. Rotors have high heat-dispersion and heat-tolerance allowing you to travel faster, further, safer.

    These brakes provide serious safety and function.

    Breaks Dia

    Tektro Brakes Diablo

    Integrated Lights (Front & Rear)

    Lights are essential to any e-bike. That’s why we integrate lighting on all our designs. The Diablo is no exception. No more having to worry about flimsy and dim after-market lights that you need to carry around and attach/detach. Come dark you’re ready to ride safe, just turn on the integrated lights and off you go.

    Reflectors in the wheel spokes underneath and under the seat provide additional visibility when lights are shone on you.

    Front Light:

    Front Light Dia


    Rear Lights:

    Rear Carry


    Alloy Rear Carrier Rack

    Alloy rear-wheel carry rack is perfect if you’re looking to tie down cargo. The high torque motor give you plenty of power to handle additional cargo weight. With some occy straps or tie-downs and you’re good to go.


    Front SR Suntour Alloy Suspension Fork

    SR SUNTOUR is the name you should trust in the bike world. With over 30-years of experience producing suspension and front forks, they are continually evolving and innovating. Creating the highest possible performance for value is the core of their philosophy.


    27.5' KENDA Tyres

    Dsc00479 Edit

    Shimano Gear Set

    Front 3-speed combined with a rear 7-speed Shimano Derailleur gives you a great gear-range. Paired with the durable KMC Chain this offers serious performance for just about any terrain or speed.

    Back Wheel

    Zoom Seat Post & Stem + Justek Seat

    This bike is one-size, fully customisable to suit your size and riding preference. The Zoom seat post is easily adjusted up or down to your requirement.

    Comfort is essential. That’s why we’ve partnered with Justek for all our bike seats. This seat is well-cushioned and will have you riding in comfort for longer. There’s nothing worse than riding a bike with an uncomfy seat!

    Seat Dia

    W108 LCD Panel


    Alloy Mudguards (Front & Rear)

    Alloy mudguards sit above the front and rear tires to help prevent debris from flicking up, essential for any bike that travels at speed. Protect yourself from nasty surprises and keep dryer in the wet.

    Muddies 2

    El Diablo Assembly - from unboxing to riding in minutes!

    Take a look at El Diablo with Conrad. See how this great performance e-bike will arrive straight from the Vamos Bikes factory to your doorstep. Conrad will take you from unboxing, through the entire setup process, and have you ready to ride in minutes.

    Powerful Off-Road High-Torque Electric Mountain Bike

    19 reviews for El Diablo – High Performance E-Bike

    1. Ted Yang

      Great aftersales service, and prompt communication, easy to deal with. Owner of El Diablo for one year now.

    2. Michelle Eaton

      Such a fun bike to ride around, I use it for my commute to work but have also taken it on holidays. Super fast and super fun would highly recommend for all terrains and uses.

    3. Vlad Belovukovic

      Purchased my Diablo a year ago due to loss of license. I cant express how amazing this bike has been. I have used it daily to get to and from work for the 4 months whilst without a license. The boys have been amazing in providing support with ordering new brakes at an economical rate.

      Just want to say HUGE thank you!!!! Such a great bike for the Eastern Suburbs, best way to get around !!!!

    4. Adam Pantle

      These bikes are totally awesome. I don’t need a car anymore. The battery lasts for ages and it’s super fast.

    5. Gary

      Bought the bike some 2 yrs, couldn’t be happier. Great value and goes even better! Couple very minor things, but the boys from vamos cheerfully helped me out. Highly recommended, 5 thumbs up.

    6. Trevor

      Love the bike. Purchased three weeks ago. The only thing better that this bike was the service. Being from interstate I was a bit worried about the purchase not being able to test the bike first. But I’m so glad I went ahead with the purchase.

    7. Diego Marques

      I bought a Diablo a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. The design is fantastic and when it goes to performance is just amazing. I’d most recommend it.

    8. Monte Sheppard

      I purchased this bike about a year ago, I’m so happy with it and she’s still going strong. The bike feels like a really solid machine, well made and especially safe. The specs were good for the price and the staff were some of the nicest people I have ever dealt with. They were really helpful through the whole process and continue to field my questions.

    9. Sam McLennan

      Top guys that did everything they could to help me out with this purchase. Very happy.

    10. Gareth Thomas

      Just bought the El Diablo from Perth WA after a lot of online and in-person research at E Bike stores here in WA. It was cheaper but I must say in no way less quality than bikes that cost $1K more. What a quality bike. Easy to final assemble and so much fun to ride. The guys have been great with questions too. Very happy with my purchase. Only problem now is I don’t want to get off the bike and use the car at all. If my wife gets one, we will buy a Vamos bike again. Thanks Conrad and Mike.

    11. Roxana Lackner

      Best bikes ever, would highly recommend.

    12. Sebastian Maxwell

      One of the greatest Ebikes stores I have dealt with, excellent quality bike and great customer service. Would highly recommend.

    13. Pat Bellanto

      Genuinely could not be happier with my new bike. Cut my daily commute from Maroubra to Mascot via bus from an hour to 20 minutes! Had it for a little over a month now and no problems whatsoever. Service was great too. Michael walked me through all the features and dropped the bike off on the day of purchase.

    14. Florian Hasche

      Great bike. Really fun to ride and perfect for riding around Sydney.

    15. Kathleen James

      I love my Diablo! The guys at Vamos have great customer service, Micheal and Conrad really go above and beyond to help you out. I have changed from spending 40 minutes on the bus to get from Coogee to Bondi to now under 15 mins on my bike – and it’s super easy peddling up all the hills! Thank you so much Vamos!

    16. John P

      Great bike overall, battery is pretty efficient. I live about 15 km from work and can ride to and back on a full charge. Goes up the hill near central station on Foveaux St pretty easily.

    17. Jasper Donald

      Super stoked with my Diablo. Riding around Bondi (even with shopping and beer cartons) is super easy now. I love riding up hills now!

    18. Jake Williams

      Exceptional power between the legs. Become a force of nature as you burn past old men in spandex struggling to cycle uphill.

    19. James Wylie

      Genius, about time this arrived!! Most efficient way to commute by a loooong way 🙂

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