Are e-bike batteries safe to use? 

By Vamos Bikes March 12, 2024

Are e-bike batteries safe to use? 

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on March 12, 2024.

E-bikes are becoming more and more popular as a greener way to get around. With this becoming more popular, arise more concerns about e-bike batteries. There’s been a fair bit of worry about whether batteries are safe or not.

Let’s explore why this concern arises, how it can be avoided, and which standards and certification you should be aware of.

Why is their concern about e-bike batteries being safe? 

Electric bikes are getting powered by lithium-ion batteries. It is something that boasts impressive energy density and lifespan for an E-bike. However, there is a growing concern about overheating of batteries and fire risks.

This concern primarily arises when using cheap chargers from sources like Amazon. These low-quality products are prone to design or manufacturing flaws, increasing the risk of dangerous situations. They are made with materials of a bad quality and has not been through the right tests.

To avoid potential hazards, always choose chargers and batteries from certified and reliable suppliers. 

By investing in quality products, the risk of damage and accidents is significantly reduced.

But how do you then make sure to get a safe battery for your e-bike? 

Let’s find out!

How to make sure you get a safe battery for your e-bike

When selecting batteries and chargers for your e-bike, there is one important factor. Make sure to get batteries that have been tested and certified by reliable sources. This is the only way you know you are getting a safe battery.

To make it easier, there are listed the key standards and certification you need to know when getting a safe battery.

AS/NZS 60335.2.29: 

This is an Australian and New Zealand standard that applies to batteries and chargers for household appliances, including e-bike batteries. It establishes safety requirements and test methods for batteries and chargers. 

EMC requirements: 

E-bike batteries must also comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements to minimize interference with other electronic devices. 

CE marking: 

Although CE marking is not specific to Australia, it is an international standard indicating that the product meets European safety standards. Many e-bike batteries carry the CE mark.

Make sure to look on the battery to see which standards it meets. Only use it if it meets the following as mentioned. 

At Vamos Bikes you can be sure to get a safe and high-quality battery. We guarantee thoroughly tested products that meet the necessary safety standards. By shopping with us, you can be sure to get a reliable battery for your e-bike. 

Be safe when choosing an electric bike battery. Invest in a safer option.

More Information About Are e-bike batteries safe to use? 

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