Michael Webster

By Vamos Bikes June 17, 2020

Michael Webster

Posted in by Vamos Bikes on June 17, 2020.

I purchased the Vamos El Hefe at the end of January 2019 and it’s been spot on for commuting to and from work without breaking a sweat. The lo, med, hi power settings are really handy and the throttle really helps when you need a quick boost when riding in one of the lower power settings or if you stop pedalling. Although this bike is on the heavier side of other road bikes the brakes last a lot longer than expected. I did recently get a puncture on the rear wheel and the Vamos team was really helpful and responsive to come fix it. It’s really comfortable to ride and I really like the style. I’ve had it 10 months now and I still love it.

My commute to work is 9km one way and one charge easily does the two way journey on full power with three of the five l.e.d’s still lit on the battery.

Weighing up the battery life, durability, style, power and price I’d highly recommend this bike to anyone. It definitely beats catching the depressing bus to work.

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