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Proudly Supporting

Proudly Supporting The Australian Conservation Fund (ACF)

We believe that protecting our environment and taking care of what nature has provided us is so important. That’s why we are proudly supporting the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF).

With every purchase of an electric bike via our website, $50 will be donated to ACF to help recover, rebuild & renew the Australian environment with climate and nature positive action.

  • Educate community leaders, business and everyday Australians alike about the viability of clean renewable energy use in Australia; championing how we can make a nature-positive impact via sustainable practices.
  • Protect Australian wildlife habitat and nature reserves.
  • Restore damage so everyone and every living thing can thrive.

We are in a climate and extinction crisis. Your purchase will both help ACF in its critical work as well as actively reduce your carbon footprint, helping solve this crisis.

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Daily Commuter, Foldable, Performance & Cruiser Styles Available

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No Fuel, No Emissions

The green alternative.  Samsung Cell Battery easily removes from the bike and can be charged via any wall socket, just like your smart-phone. 3-4 hours will charge the battery to full.

Rego & Licence Exempt

In Australia you do not need a licence nor need to register your e-bike. Just a helmet and a smirk!

Travel Further with Ease

Simply pedalling the bike will activate the motor, spurring you onwards and leaving your pits bone-dry. Climb hills EASY!

Complimentary Test Rides

Test ride of one of the bikes you see on this site. We’re set up in Bondi Beach and in Mascot Sydney. Call or email us and come to whichever location suits you.

Locally Owned

Vamos Bikes is 100% Australian owned and operated. We’re based in Sydney. Our bikes can be found in Byron, Adelaide, Canberra – Australia wide.

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