What’s a brushless motor?

What’s a brushless motor?

What’s a brushless motor?

Brushless motors outperform their brushed motor counterparts. Brushless motors have a higher speed range, can provide more torque, make less noise, are more efficient, require less maintenance, and have a longer lifespan.

Without getting too technical, a brushed motor uses a series of small brushes within the motor that connect its internal rotating component with its static components of the motor. These internal brushes rub against the inside of the motor to receive, maintain and generate electric power as the motor spins. They spin with the motor. These brushes need to be replaced over time. A brushless motor uses an improved design which negates the need for these brushes. Power is supplied and maintained via wires that do not need to spin inside the motor.

Where are Vamos Bikes made

Our bikes are designed and engineered in Australia.

Parts come from a variety of overseas built brands.

We list all major component brands on our website. Check the ‘made with’ on each product page.

For example, we use market-leading Samsung batteries (Taiwan).

If you want more info on the manufacturing process please let us know.

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