This was not a paid promotion. We did not pay Chris for this video review in any way shape or form. He paid full price for the bike.

Chris purchased El Hefe after lengthy search for something fun with good bang-for-buck 😊. He noted that he found it hard to find any video reviews on the bike. So, he made one for us to share with the community!

Watch the full 11+ minute video to get a good idea as to whether this is the right e-bike for you. It will also give you a good gauge of the quality and features of our other bikes. Chris includes a comprehensive review and close-up in-depth footage of all core components.

Thanks Chris!! You are a true legend 🤙

More Information About El Hefe Unboxing [Video] from a Customer From Assembly to End-Use

For more information about El Hefe Unboxing [Video] from a Customer From Assembly to End-Use, or any other e-bike related questions you might have please get in touch.

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